Monday, 5 September 2016

Moving forward

Today,  Mama Sue and our social worker Uncle Billy talk to you, on video, about how our work with children is rippling out into the community.
It involves changes for some children, we have successfully reunited with families or now going back to relatives willing and able to give them a home.
They are taking the next step to becoming fully integrated into their home communities by attending local schools instead of making long journeys into Happy House every day.
And we are making this happen by paying school fees and buying uniform, shoes etc - everything a child needs for a new school.
Of course, keeping them well is important so we will meet any medical expenses for the children who remain very much a part of our Happy House family, regardless of where they live.
Introducing children into local schools  has proved so successful with the children who went back to families in January, but who could not travel into Happy House, They are settled, doing really well in school and making huge strides forward.
As is the custom in so many schools, the girls and boys must have shaved heads, but Mama says they don't mind a bit. In fact, they like it. 
She and Billy have been into every school to meet with headteachers and to pay the fees, which will be paid annually by us. Progress and exams results will be monitored very closely indeed.
Mama says she has been heartened by what she has seen in the schools she has visited and by her discussions with the headteachers,
As Mama and Uncle Billy tell you this is a natural move forward- right for the for the children and their families.
Our wonderful friends who sponsor kids starting out on an exciting new phase in their lives will receive emails over the next week.
 We hope you will want to continue to sponsor your child - now within the community - and to enjoy seeing how they grow and progress