Sunday, 18 September 2016

The right place to be, by Evans

Evans (right) with Janet and Oscar
Evans was one of our first Happy House kids and earlier this year e were able to repatriate him, his aelder sister Janet and younger brother, Oscar, into their own family.
They now live with an aunt's family but still attend Happy House School as it is nearby. Evans is in Class Eight and is working hard towards his Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education exam in November.
He writes: "Hello this is Evans ,
I am happy to be in a happy caring and environment that is the Happy House.
This is the right place for you and me to stay. 
There lots of things to enjoy with at Happy House School.
We  have different activities these are games, debates and exchange programme. 
With exchange programme we normally go to other schools for the activities.
 “HAPPY HOUSE POWER“ is our slogan. 
We  are popular in the area because of our victory not only in sports but also in academics. 
This is because of our lovely Mama, Papa and the help of our teachers and the friends who are our sponsors. 
These lovely and caring people are the reasons or our success. 
We will always be Happy House kids and be famous to the whole world because of our success.
Thank you very much."
* We desperately need more sponsors for our children.
It costs £20 a month to sponsor a Happy House kid or scholarship student in our school, from abject poverty.  To find out more email