Monday, 26 September 2016

Happy House "a family where everyone offers support"

After two weeks volunteering at Happy House Giuliana Pezzana is back at work organising events at a congress centre.
Our children has such a profound impact on Giuliana she was feeling homesick for Happy House  before she left as she tells us in her blog:
During my time at Happy House I have enjoyed playing and working with the youngest children, aged one to five years old and helping some of them to start writing first letters of the alphabet or drawing signs to practice with the pen.
I appreciated the very good organisation inside the Happy House and the school. One of the best things I could see is all the attention the children receive and in the way they are taught to be self-sufficient and help the children receive when they are learning to read. 
I could see how teachers care about showing children the rules. Everyone, from the youngest to the eldest, has some duties like washing their hands before eating and clearing their dish as soon as they have finished; they know to keep order in the classroom or before going for snacks.
 Children help in the house and it is very much a family in which everyone offers their support and help.
 All the rooms are very clean and there is a laundry where you will also find the washing machines. 
The house also has  a vegetable garden which offers produce direct to the kitchens.
 Happy House is a very nice place where children surely feel at home among aunties and uncles who take care of them. A lovely place which gives you the warmth of a family is how I felt in my two weeks there.  
Even before I left  for home I was already feeling blue and homesick for my new “family”
. I thank Mama Sue and Papa Dave for giving me the opportunity to volunteer, and all the teachers and others who work there for receiving me as one of them.
 I would like to thank all the children. Above all I remember Ann and Baraka who were the first to welcome me and who never wanted to leave my side. Fabio who joked with me while I was trying to help him to eat; Earnest who was always looking for my attention; Thomas  who, the funniest of all, was always joking; Pili who is shy but not so much that she wouldn’t quarrel with others to stay beside me; Joy who is the sweetest of all as her name reflects; Ashura who is sweet and a very good girl; Christiano who is funny and loving; Leslie and Ludwin who are an example to every mother;  Mariam and Farida who are the youngest;  Abdul who is always smiling and active;  Esther who is shy but always smiling; Alpha who is smiling and lovely. I couldn’t write of every child, so I have written of those who  I spent more time with and who entered my heart so deeply.