Thursday, 22 September 2016

Kindness get school back to normal

We are incredibly grateful to the generous friends who stepped in with a donation to replace the items stolen in last week's break-in at our school.
Their wonderful kindness,has has enabled  Mama Sue to ensure that the for vital pieces of equipment including a submersible pump, TV decoder and laboratory equipment were back in place as soon as possible.
And that was specially good news for our Form 1 secondary class who were able to have a practical science lesson as scheduled.
The donation has also helped to repair damage done in the overnight raid.
Thank you, our friends, for your generosity and reducing Mama and Papa's worry and stress at a very anxious time.
You are making a difference to the lives of children.
Additional security measures to those already in place have been employed, which will be an ongoing additional expense, to do all we can to deter burglars.