Thursday, 25 August 2016

The next step - taking our work forward

Ever since it opened, Happy House has been leading the way in raising standards of care and education for children in care.
But, as Mama explains in depth in today's video,  however brilliant the care might be, no child should remain with us longer than they need to. 
And over the last eight months we have had remarkable success in re-integrating children into families so they can be brought up in their own communities with relatives who can, and want, to care for them.
All those children repatriated  who live too far away to continue in our school are doing brilliantly. They are making huge strides forward, and raising standards, in their new schools.
Indeed, most of them top of their class.
Musyoka, older brother to Francis and Mwende,  called Mama to tell her his school needed a contribution towards a new classroom. His grandfather, who has land and crops so they are well fed and well looked after, couldn't raise the 3000KES (£23) the the school was requesting.  So Mama sent the money.
Those three kids, who were with us for almost six years, are flying. They are happy and loved and all number one in their school.
Our next step is to fully integrate more children into their own communities by paying for their education in local schools - cutting down on the very early starts and journey times to school.
Mama and Uncle Billy will pay a year's school fees at a time and will make regular checks on their progress. 
Families want this to happen, so do we.  We hope that you will share out belief that what matters most is what is best for the child.
They will remain Happy House kids and, just like Musyoka, they will know it.. 
We will only ever do what is best for each individual child and we hope and believe that you will support us in making this possible.
Mama would be pleased to hear your comments or answer your questions. You can email her at