Sunday, 7 August 2016

Our lovely lab, by Rita

Scholarship student, Rita, 15, is in Form One at Happy House Secondary School..
Her schooling would have ended at primary level, had she not been given a free place in our school.
Her mum, mother of eight, scrapes living burning charcoal and had no means of sending Rita, a bright girl so full of hope, to high school.
Science is key to Rita's hopes of being a  doctor. Today she writes about our science lab:
Our lab is built close to the Secondary School and it  is  the  most  wonderful  lab of any school in  our region.
It was built  using  blocks that are painted a white  colour. Also it  has several  glass windows to allow fresh air to circulate and there is a wooden  door.
Inside, there is a long  bench table for us to work at,with stools for us to sit on,
The table has cupboards where the aoparatus is kept . On the wall there are charts and posters witrh information that help us to learn. 
The lab also has a blackboard an a sink.
We have a very nice lab whiich gives us the best chance to learn and understand science and to do experiments
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