Thursday, 4 August 2016

Wheely good job

Mama Sue is as thrifty as they come and only spends where absolutely necessary.
Keeping our vehicles in tiptop condition is a constant battle as the appalling roads, the salt air and high humidity take their toll.
While she and Papa were in the UK two of our vehicles went in to be treated for rust and to be re-sprayed ( a fraction of the price it would cost here).
Mama thought it would be an opportunity to have them branded in the red and black uniform colours of our school.
Mark Booth, owner of Printwise, Poulton, and a very good friend to Mama, Papa since the very start of the charity very kindly gave her these lovely logo signs to complete the branding and the two cars look as good as new!
Mama says there is no mistaking them now and everyone is so impressed!
Thank you Mark and Printwise for being such special friends.