Monday, 29 August 2016

Easy to see why Happy House leads the way

Stevie, Hailey, Charity and Debs
 Hailey and Deborah Aspinall are bowled over by our Happy House.
Hailey was one of our very first volunteers and now, having just completed her Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy,  she is on a return visit, with Debs.
Hailey,  having worked with children affected by domestic abuse, will be starting a new role as play specialist at Lancaster Hospital on her return. She writes today's blog, and tomorrow there will be a blog from first-time visitor Debs.
Hailey writes:
"When the Happy House first opened in 2010, I was lucky enough to visit, where I met the child my family sponsor, Charity.
Debs and kids
 Arriving on the same day was little nine-month-old Stevie who I felt such a connection with, indeed I was destined to become part of his sponsor family too.
 I have always been eager to introduce, Debs to my extended family and I am so excited to be here again six years later with her. 
It seemed surreal to see the Happy House again as it has changed so much and so have Stevie and Charity. 
2010 with Steve (top) and
Charity (below)
They have both grown into wonderful young children; Stevie is quiet, independent and happy, and Charity is cheeky and full of smiles.
 There are, of course, lots of new little faces too, each bubbling with their own personality and full of curiosity as to who we are. 
We were welcomed with a fantastic showcase of talent; singing, dancing, acrobatics and a fashion show. 
Debs was overwhelmed with the feeling of warmth and happiness amongst the children, making her first experience a magical one.
 I was impressed to see how the Happy House has grown, especially the school which is thriving and it is easy to see why it is number one in the county.
 The school has fantastic facilities; a large library with the same reading scheme books used in England, spacious classrooms, a computer room and a variety of sports activities enjoyed by the children at break time. 
We are so happy that we will get to celebrate Charity's 7th Birthday with her this week before we head back to England... with a new addition to our sponsor family!