Monday, 15 August 2016

Gifts from Italy brought with love

 We have many good friends from Italy who do so much for our family,and so it is always a great joy to welcome them when they visit.
Tundra Tononi is holidaying in Watamu and called in to Happy House with her family.
Her daughter, Juna, attended our school for a few months back in 2013, and so Tundra has visited Happy House on many occasions before - always coming with wonderful gifts.
And her latest visit was no different, as she tells us
" I visited the Happy House together with my children Juna aand Ethan and my sister, Katiuscia, with her children Gaia and Zeno.
We were abble to meet my new sponsor-girl Husna and we brought a little present also for DIana, sent by her sponsor family Luana and Roberto.
The two girls are very nice, smiling and bright.
Our boys  Ethan and Zeno played football with other children and Juna had fun playing beach tennis with Husna.
Gaia and Ethan gave out lollipops to all the children.
Before she finished school in Italy for the holiday, Juna  took her Happy House uniform and other things to show her, and told them class about her experience in Kenya attending your school.
She asked her classmates for help and she is very proud that she raised 250 €
Also my sister Katiuscia and other friends has helped and we could shop for more than 50.000 KSH.
Mama Sue and Papa Dave were very pleased and they invited us to the closing party at school.
Our thanks to Tundra, Katiuscia, Juna, Ethan, Gaia and Zeno for coming to see us and for bringing so many boxes full of lovely things and to  everyone who donated money which will be such a huge help, particularly in these very difficult times.
Special thanks to Juna and her classmates, Class 2B (pictured) for raising enough money to buy groceries for a whole month!
You are very good friends indeed.