Sunday, 14 August 2016

Leading the way by Sifa

Sifa, who has been under the wing of Happy House since 2010, is in his final year of primary school and working hard towards his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams in November.
Taking on the task of being today's blogger, Sifa, has chosen to write about the end of term exams.
Hello, I am Sifa writing the blog.
We started our exam on a Tuesday and all the pupils did their best as an individual and worked heard as a class.
 In Happy House school we compete with each other according to classes and with the other schools around us.
We are very happy because when the results come out we are the best school overall and betweeen class one to eight we are the ones leading in the county.
We work as a family and also as a team so as to achieve the best and make Mama Sue, our teachers and everybody in the Happy House happy and proud,
We really thank Mama Sue for giving us free education and we work towards being the best people in future.