Friday, 12 August 2016

Kind hearts of WI

There was a wonderfully warm welcome for Elizabeth Gomm in a Lancashire village when she went to tell the story of the Happy House.
Elizabeth was the guest speaker at Freckleton Women's Institute and remembered by some for her previous roles as education writer and women's editor at the Blackpool Gazette.
They were moved by story of Sue's difficult road to realising her Happy House dream and inspired by the way she has developed her Happy House and taken it forward, always putting the children above everything else.
Elizabeth highlighted our current campaign to get more sponsors and funding for our scholarship scheme and  explained how we are struggling because of the way the £ has plunged since the referendum - leaving us with a drop of £135 on every £1000 we transfer into Kenya Shillings.
The ladies were touched to hear of the hardships endured by the kids who now have hope of acheiving their dreams because Happy House is giving them a free education, and all the other things needed to thrive.
Elizabeth received a cheque for £30 which was made up to £205 by a collection. This will be used to help our scholarship students..
Thank you Freckleton WI for being so generous and taking our kid into your hearts.
Pictured are: Kathy Gemmell (president), Sylvia Kay (committee member) and Carole Ainley (secretary).