Thursday, 11 August 2016

Welcome to the Webster family

Our Happy House family was in party mood to give a special welcome to special freinds, the Webster family.
Louise and Garry Webster are visiting with their daughters Grace and Alice, and Louise's mum, Ann.
Louise is the special lady who sends out details of  children to our sponsors.
She and Gary,  from Leyburn, Yorkshire, have been sponsoring Oscar since he arrived at the Happy House and he shares his date of birth with their elder  daughter Grace.
Grace thinks of him as her "twin" and plays an important part in their lives. 
After the disappointment of having two previous trips cancelled, they are all thrilled to be back in Watamu and back to see Mama Sue, Papa Dave, Oscar and all the family.
They were very touched by the the lovely welcome which Louise says was very emotional.
Welcome back our friends, we are so pleased to see you. Hiave a wonderful time.