Thursday, 18 August 2016

Mama's boys!

Just look at Mama's boys!
And even though they may not all be related by blood they are a real little band of brothers.
These cheeky chappies are as happy as sandboys and, as you can imagine, with so many little people around there is never a dull moment.
But boys do love their Mama and they are always keen to home in for a cuddle..
What a shame her arms aren't wide enough to wrap them all up in a group hug!
With so many little boys to kit out we are gratedful to Lesley Pidcock for the lovely, bright, material she gave Mama to take back from the UK which our seamstress Lucy has turned into lovely shorts.
We are also grateful to Margaret Sumpter from Dagenham and her daughter, Dawn Szpak  for the shorts they sent to Louise Webster who very kindly found room for them in her luggage.
 Margaret, who in her younger days worked for royal dressmaker, Norman Hartnell, and stitched dresses for the Queen, has sent out beautifully made dresses and shorts for our children with Dawn taking her turn at the sewing machine too.
We are grateful to Lesley, Margaret and Dawn,for all helping keep our boys looking smart.
Mama said should anyone be travelling out to visit in the next few months lengths of material, brights and with kids patterns, would be very welcome as Lucy can soon run it up into excatly what is needed at the time.
Vertically hanging Christmas decorations would also be very welcome in the run up to the festive season.