Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The future NOW and we need support NOW

High hopes, where once there were none
Those living in poverty dare not think about tomorrow.
Their focus is on getting through today.
Poverty robs young people of their hopes and dreams.
At Happy House we are giving kids, living in extreme hardship, a  brighter future.
By providing free places in our school to children and young people from the local community, we are lighting up their lives. 
These are kids denied a place in other schools because of their parent/guardian's inability to pay. even Government "free" schools expect a contribution of some kind. No money, no school.
We now have 80 students, aged up to 19,  on our Dr Danwatta Scholarship Scheme and we are desperate to find a sponsor for each of them.
Some have missed so much schooling, they are 17, 18 or 19 and in the first year in our secondary school.
Sponsors not only helps to support their education financially, they also show a child that someone, beyond the Happy House, cares about how they are doing, who gives them encouragement and shares with them a little of their own lives.
It costs £20 a month to sponsor a  scholarship student. This provides schooling, uniform, books, shoes, PE kit plus nourishing breakfast, lunch and snacks.
They also receive additional clothing where needed, deodorants, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sanitary pads for the older girls and shoe polish and  a brush.
A few of our scholarship students
To cut the risk of fires and ill health from kerosene lamps, we give them solar lanterns so they can read at home when darkness falls,
Mama Sue, who makes a direct appeal in today's video, thinks of everything to instill self-esteem and confidence in these kids,  She meets each one individually on a regular basis to reflect on their progress , keep them focused and to encourage them.
They want to be doctors, teachers, engineers, farmers and will help change their communities and their country.
Mama's ambition is to increase the scheme to more kids -  there are so many more who need our help.
But right now we must find sponsors for these youngsters. 
The UK's exit from the EU is costing is dear. Most of our income is raised in thew UK and as the £ has plunged, we are £130 down on every £1000 we change into Kenya shillings.
We need your support now. 
Please tell your friends about us, encourage them to sponsor; hold a fundraising event or make a one-off donation.
Together we ARE changing lives and Together we will change many more.