Sunday, 1 March 2015

You have made me shine - by Nasri

Our newly-appointed  Happy House school head boy, Nasri Juma, has his sights set on being an engineer.
He was devastated when family circumstances meant he had to drop out of school.
When he was offered one of our first Dr Danwata Scholarships, last March, giving him a chance to return to school with a free education, books and uniform,he was overjoyed and is intent on repaying those who made it possible - Mama Sue and Building Blocks Foundation who are sponsoring him
Nasri, 17, has written today's blog: "  I say thanks for what you have done for me, you have changed my life and now it is good. 
Nobody else is better than you, I was dull but now I shine like the moon.
Mama, there is not day that I will get tired of seeing your smiling face, you have given me a chance to get education. You do advise us and, Mama, I say thank you.
I have all the facilities at school and good teachers, you give me everything that I need. I have nothing to pay you, but I have something to do for YOU, Mama and my sponsors,  by doing well in my exams.
May God bless you for everything that you will do in this world."