Wednesday, 25 March 2015

School report: On the ball

 Madam Milka brings this week's report from Happy House school:
Our students are keeping their school flag flying high on the sportsfield. 
They have been taking part in this term's inter-school ball games at cluster level and sub-zonal level,
Now have now won through to the zonal level with most players selected to go forward in games including netball, football and volleyball.
Those chosen to take part are:
Volleyball, girls Janet Medza,Rasoah Bahati, Margret Kanze
Netball, boys Nasri Juma,Moneni Dennis, Martin Kombe,
Netball ,girls Pendo Charo ,Mercy Karisa ,Mwanasiti Juma.
Football, boys: Juma Charo, Martin Kombe, Kelvin Baraka.
It is our sincere hope that they will make us proud by moving ahead to the next level

Buy a Bed Appeal

After five years of continuous use, many of our beds are the worse for wear, plus we have had a big influx of new arrivals, all needing beds.

It will cost £25 to build a wooden bed, and another £15 for a mattress.

The best of the old beds will be kept for the smaller, lighter, children, but we would like to raise enough money to give each of the older children, who are now too big for narrow bunks,  a single bed of their own.
If you would like to make the Happy House a fifth birthday donation toward buying a bed please donate via JustGiving - mention bed appeal in your message.
If you prefer to send a cheque (payable to Happy House) post to Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS. Thank you.