Wednesday, 11 March 2015

School Report: Top of the classes

The presentation of two trophies was the highlight of the week for primary pupils, as Madam Naomi reports:
It has been an exciting week, after assessing and giving out exam results  teachers, who were delighted by the motivation and competitive spirit of pupils,  announced the the top class trophies.
In lower primary, the trophy which had been held by Class Two  was won by Class Three (pictured left, bottom),
In upper primary, Class Eight (top) triumphed taking the award from holders, Class Four.
There was great excitement and celebration by the winning classes who had worked hard to achieve good results,
In nursery section, serious learning was taking place in their respective classes like KG2 were busy learning sounds with the help of their teacher, Madam Rose.
Networking Blackpool
This evening Elizabeth Gomm is delighted to be representing Happy House at a special event hosted by Best Little Network at Santander Business Centre, Blackpool.
The Network sponsor scholarship student, Twahiba,