Saturday, 28 March 2015

Rains ... but too few coats for our kids!

Kids in the raincoats we have in store
 When it rains in Watamu, it pours!
Most of the year, sunshine is almost guaranteed,  but this time of year when the rains do come, they can bring some very heavy downpours,
And now, with our children going to our new school a short walk down the lane from the Happy House,  we have found ourselves with a coat crisis!
We have a shortage of waterproofs for the kids.
The very little ones are transported to school in vehicles, but all the older ones love the walk to and from school.
Mama says: " The rains have started now , 
not all the time mostly during the night, and it has just showered now.
" As the kids now go out to school  housemum, Auntie Fatuma has been looking for the raincoats in the store.
 We have some but not enough..
"  We need around 50 for the 4-6 year olds and  another  30 for the 7-15s.
 Not many if you say it quick!"
If anyone would like to help by sending a cagoule or lightweight raincoat for a child, ages four to 15, we would be truly grateful.
The postal address is: Sue Hayward's Happy house, PO Box 796, Watamu. Kenya, East Africa.