Monday, 30 March 2015

Making our family movie stars

Our fabulous friend and talented filmmaker Massimilano Zeuli is producing a new video help to raise awareness of the wonderful work being done by Mama, Papa and their Happy House team.
Max, from Rome,  spent several days filming our family at work and play, both at home and in school.
And he involved the children in everything he was doing, with some learning a a lot from him as they acted as his assistants.
This will be the second video Max has made for us, the last was just before Christmas when he was on a flying visit to the area but still managed to find time in his busy schedule to do some hasty filming and to interview Mama.
This time he scheduled more time at the Happy House and we are extremely grateful to him giving both his time and his talent to producing, completely free of charge, a professional video which will be such an asset in promoting our magic to a much wider audience.
Max and his wife, Francesa, are in Abu's sponsor family and in his two visits has become a popular Uncle Max to the kids.
Mama, Papa and the family are looking forward to meeting Francesa when she is able to vist with him.
We are not giving any clues about the content of the new video, but it will be very special indeed.
Thank you Uncle Max for making our family movie stars. You are a shining star in our world!
* If you have not already seen the video made by Max in 2014, or would like to watch it again.. The link is here: