Monday, 2 March 2015

Safe home for Lesley and Ludwin

A sad and bewildered little boy and his baby sister have been welcomed  into the loving care of our Happy House family.
Two year old Lesley and baby Ludwin, five months, were brought to Happy House by the police in the company of a village elder and community volunteer.
Their 39-year-old mum had abandoned them previous night. 
Their names were unknown until later that evening when the mum returned in a poor state.
Well educated and with means of her own she had been the main support for her family, but as her funds became diminished her marriage broke up and her husband left, taking  with him their two older children.
“He left her both broke and heartbroken,” said Uncle Billy.
She suffers from mental and physical health problems and is in need of a great deal of counselling to help her to get her life back on an even keel.
With her children safe in our care she will be able to concentrate on rebuilding her life, without the stress of trying to support them,  in the hope that when she is well they can be reunited as a family.
As our family grows so fast we are desperate for more child sponsors. If you would like to help change a life, please email for details
Fair Trade Fair
Many thanks to Pauline Royle for running the Happy House stall at Fylde Soroptimist Fair Trade Fair in Lytham on Saturday. The event was raising money for two charities - the Happy House and Fylde Food Bank. Our stall raised £77.
Pauline (right) is pictured with Susan Sadler, they are both in Jane's sponsor family. 
Thank you Fylde SI for your continued support of our family. Elizabeth Gomm is looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday when she will update you on our progress.