Friday, 13 March 2015

Our birthday children and a star

Two birthdays are being celebrated at Happy House this week, Pendo Francis and Alex.
Uncle Bill had the honour of presenting Pendo with her birthday gift, while Mama made the presentation to Alex.
All the family, assembled for Kidz Club, cheered and clapped after singing the birthday song to each of them
Keeping things in the family, Pendo's elder sister, Lily, was Star of the Week for helping Auntie Linda to unpack her bag when she she brought gifts to Happy House and for choosing outfits for little Maurine to model!
Happy birthday Pendo and Alex and well done to Lily.
Rotary Conference
For the next three days, the Happy House will have a stand in the Hall of Friendship at the District  1190 Rotary Conference  which , this year, takes place at the Imperial Hotel, Blackpool.
It's two years since Mama inspired the Lancashire and Cumbria District at their conference in Scarborough, making us so many friends who have helped us since then.
So it is a great pleasure for us to be meeting up with them again and to have a chance to update visitors to our stand on what has happened since.
It's also great that Happy House is featured in the current edition of the national Rotary magazine, thanks to Herbert and Joy Chatters.