Sunday, 22 March 2015

My friend by Janet

Forging new friendships is an important part of school life.
Scholarship student Janet writes our blog today, telling about her best friend who  also has a scholarship in our school:
 I have friend whose name is Mary.  
She  is  a  beautiful  young   lady  and  she  usually  behaves well.
She respects each teacher and pupils in school.
She likes dancing and reading story books.
Her favorite colour is blue and  she   likes  wearing  blue  clothes .
Her  favourite  food  is  rice  and   fish.    
Janet is pictured (right) with Mary,

After five years of continuous use, many of our beds are the worse for wear, plus we have had a big influx of new arrivals, all needing beds. It will cost £25 to build a wooden bed, and another £15 for a mattress.
Our Happy House joiner has already started making some from wood which has come from a couple of coconut trees we had to fell to make way for the secondary school.
That wood will soon run out and we will have to buy more, which gives us the £25 per frame..
The best of the old beds will be kept for the smaller children, but we would like to raise enough money to give each of the older children, who are now too big for narrow bunks,  a single bed of their own.
If you would like to make a birthday donation toward buying a bed please donate via JustGiving - mention bed appeal in your message.
If you prefer to send a cheque (payable to Happy House) post to Elizabeth Gomm at 6 Burwood Drive, Blackpool, FY3 8NS. Thank you.