Sunday, 29 March 2015

Our bedrooms - by Shakila

We are busy making new bedrooms for our older children to give everyone more space.
Junior blogger Shakila writes about the children's bedrooms as they are now:
I am writing a blog about my room.
In Happy House we have several rooms, downstairs and upstairs.  
We have the boys' rooms and the girls' rooms
On the girls' side we have room one the first room Room two the second room and we have room three. the third room.
In in every room there is a room captain and the assistant room captain.  They help the kids who are little.
I sleep in room two, the second room,  and the room captain is Margaret and the assistant is Maria.
I am not a room captain but I help them, we are happy when we help the small kids.
We help the kids in making the room clean, spreading the beds, arranging our lockers 
It is very nice to help. I thank God because Happy House is a nice place.