Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Today, we are five! Happy birthday, Happy House

Happy birthday, Happy House.

It’s a landmark day for Mama, Papa, and all our Happy House family as we celebrate our fifth anniversary.

How far we have come and how much we have grown since the first children came home turning Mama Sue’s long-held vision into a reality.

As they arrived, the land on which her Happy House is built, dormant since the start of time, sprang to life.

Those children, who have been joined by so many more in the years since, remain with us, the foundation of our family, and what a privilege and joy it is to watch them grow.

From hungry, frightened, sad and hollow souls, they have been transformed into vibrant, happy, confident kids. 

Springing to life just like the land!

Thanks to the spirit engendered by Mama, her team are giving children the greatest gift – hope.

Those who have suffered the worst neglect or abuse and been afraid to trust, now know the meaning of unconditional love.  And in being loved for who they are they can now give their love and trust in the certain knowledge that it will always be reciprocated.

The last five years has not been easy, Mama has had so many obstacles to overcome, sorrows and so much worry.

Despite personal hardship, emotional and physical pain, she has never lost  her focus, never given up nor wished herself on a different path.

And nor has Papa who is her rock and her love.

American writer and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou once commented : " A diamond is a result of extreme pressure. Less time and less pressure and it is just crystal, or coal or fossilised leaves”

Mama, you are our diamond.

Thank you 
for refusing to bow the many pressures you have had to bear, for the jewel you have created in your Happy House and for giving us, your friends, the chance to be a part of it.

Enjoy today.

Our pictures feature some of our first children 
If you would like to share your favourite pictures from Happy House from the last five years or would like to  leave a birthday message, please go to our Facebook 

Top left: Evans, Oscar and Janet; R: Mercy and David
Bottom: l Fracis, Mwende and Mustoka;  r: Karembo, Sifa and John

Top: left: Rukia and Said; r: Natasha# and botto:
Fikirim Baraka, Stevie and Katana