Sunday, 8 March 2015

Giving girls a chance, and how Lovinne loves her new class

Today is International Women's Day and we highlighting the importance that we, at the Happy House, place on empowering girls in a country where, only too often, women receive a raw deal.
Make it Happen, is the theme of International Women's Day and at the Happy House, thanks to your help, we are transforming lives and putting hope into the hearts of kids who have come from abject poverty or neglect.
Firstly, as  Sunday is  kids' day on the blog,  we introduce scholarship student Lovinne who has written about her new class:
My name  is  Lovinne  and  I  am now in  class  seven.
My class  teacher  is  called  Mr  Allan.
My best  friend  is  called,  Pendo.
Our  class  prefects  are  Yvonne  and  Katana.
Every day we get  to  school early  and  start  doing  revision  with  other  people.
I am  very  happy  to be in a new  class and in our new school.

Secondly,  Mama Sue reinforces the message that Education is the only road out of poverty.