Saturday, 9 July 2011

Star Steph and birthday trio

Congratulations and an enormous thank-you to Steph Hill and all her family and friends who made such a storming success of her charity night last night.... special mentions to her mum, Bev, for organising and preparing a fab buffet;  Linda Nolan, who who give any auctioneer a run for their money; Melissa Miles for sharing her wonderful signing talent, and DJ Beej for keeping the night buzzin'.
Steph you are a star who, through all your efforts, are lighting up our children's lives.
More pictures and final total on tomorrow's blog.
Birthday girls
There have been a trio of birthdays this week - Peninah, one, Rose, eight today , and Margaret, who will be 11 tomorrow
As you know birthday children receive their gifts at Kidz Club, the one time in the week when everyone in the family is in one place!