Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Friends for life...

A friend is a hand that is always holding yours ... and our toddlers are just proving the point!
The friendship our toddlers are making now are thicker than blood and will last a lifetime. They may not be related but they are "brothers and sisters" in the truest, most beautiful way.
Stevie was such a sad little dot when he came to us now he's very much his own little self, and very popular too.
He's struck up real bonds with both Linus and Pendo. That they are often seen holding hands!
Sue thought it was time Linus and Stevie moved from cots into beds - the  cots were needed for our new babies - so they put them in a room with boys' team leader, Evans, and some older boys.
Every morning the two littlies were found sharing the same bed, having hopped in together in the night.
Poor Evans wasn't getting much shut-eye because they kept falling out, so now they are bundled into bed together (until they are ready to be separated) and the mosquito net, instead of being left loose to the floor, is tucked in tight so it will stop them rolling out!
And Evans is no longer losing sleep!
Wage rise worry
For a small charity like ours dependant on fundraising for its very existence any sudden budget change is a headache.
The Kenyan Government has just decreed a wage rise of 12% for every worker, for us that equals another £250 a month on our wages bill.
Of course we don't begrudge anyone their wage rise, our staff know how we value their efforts, but it is going to be a tough call for Sue who has the constant worry of balancing the books./
We need another 12 child sponsors just to meet that extra cost ,alone, which has to be paid from this month.
So we are asking you to pull out all the stops to tell your family, friends and colleagues about the joys of sponsoring a Happy House child and each to encourage one more person to sponsor.
Forms are available from me at elizabethgomm@childrenofwatamu.net and I'm happy to provide any more information needed or to have a chat with anyone who might be interested.