Friday, 22 July 2011

A cherished Rose

A wonderful group of pensioners who regularly attend the Open Door Project Breakfast Club on Grange Park, Blackpool's biggest estate, donate a small amount each week to sponsoring our lovely Rose.
She has just celebrated her birthday and as well as sending some money for her savings account, they very kindly sent her a card and a present.
She was delighted with both, and looked in wonder at the huge card which Mama Sue read with her. Rose knows all about her sponsors and is always interested to hear more.
The card, which she will always treasure, is another precious memento for her memory box.
I called in on the pensioners recently to have a chat and to look through their own cherished scrapbook which contains all the pictures and news they receive from and about Rose, and took this picture of some of them with Deaconess Judith Wray (second from right) who runs the group.
More parcels have arrived at the Happy House and we'll reveal a little more about that in tomorrow's blog!