Wednesday, 20 July 2011

All that's gold

Many, many congratulations to our good friends Frank and Val Higham on a very special event.
Proud grandparents Frank and Val  are also very proud of their Happy House sponsor child, Oscar, and married, for 50 years last weekend, they kindly chose to make our family a part of their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations by asking guests to their party for donations instead of gifts.
They had a splendid day, with family and friends, as Frank tells us: "We had a reception at the Alma Lodge in Stockport for our family and friends - 47 people attended some travelling from Devon, Yorkshire, London, Chalfont St Giles and the Wirral.
The luncheon was a great success and enjoyed by all. Our three "lads" spoke movingly about their Mum and Dad and I knew that in my response that I would not get through without breaking into tears and sure enough it happened on cue.
Afterwards many of our guests came back to our house to continue the celebrations.
The following day the family had lunch together at a local pub, so it was a delightful weekend shared with our dear family and friends.
We are really pleased to be able to support the Happy House with the donations of £530 received from our guests, and I will of course pass on not only our sincere thanks for their generosity, but also so your comments of appreciation.
We are now looking forward to our 60th."
To Frank, Val, all your generous friends and famiy : Thank you so much for caring for our children and for including our family in your special day.
Congratulations and lots of love, too, on reaching such a wonderful milestone in your marriage.