Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Life's a toddle!

Small steps but a giant leap to our little ones as they find their feet and get toddling.
Natasha and Penina have joined Rose in discovering a whole new world within the Happy House since they're walking, and Brian is not far behind.
Not to be done our Harry is hot on their heels, he's able to stand holding on to a single finger so it won't be long before he is taking his first solo steps and giving them all a run for their money.
Our Uncle Billy tells me: "The little ones are having fun and Natasha is always celebrating ever since she got "MOBILE" same with  Penina a fact that has made Brian, who started  walking a while ago but  then chickened out of the race ,really think thrice about retracing his lost tracks!
Harry is not willing to be left behind either, he needs only a finger and can stand for a very long time without giving up.
He is also good with the "push-type" stroller."