Friday, 8 July 2011

Back to school for Sandra

Inspiring children to learn comes naturally to Sandra Foulkes, who last year retired as head of Singleton CE School, near Blackpool, and that's just what she has been doing at the Happy House this week.
Sandra, a twin herself, sponsors twins Sauma and Pendo and was delighted to see how much they have grown and progressed since her visit last summer.
Sandra has spent time in our nursery school working along with our teachers and children and what a happy time it has been for them all.
Our teachers are keen to improve their skills and welcome new ideas, and the kids just love having a new friend in their classrooms.
Thank you
There have been so many kind messages left on Facebook and by email from those touched by the sad loss of baby Joseph and, also, yesterday from others were moved by the sad story which has resulted in twins James and Jonathan joining our family. Sue and the family so appreciate your kindness , your compassion and your love. Thank you.
Good luck
Lots of love and good wishes to Steph Hill for her charity night at Poulton Golf Club, Lancashire, tonight. We know you and your family have spent so much time and effort making sure it will be a really fun night for everyone and we know it it will be the success you wish for.