Saturday, 23 July 2011

Parcels of love

Papa Dave is never sure what awaits him when he calls in to the post office to collect the Happy House mail.
This week he returned with a bumper bundle of parcels sent by friends in the UK. Mama Sue and Uncle Billy ensure that every child who receives a gift, letter or card from members of their sponsor families understands who it has come from and why. We want so much for our children to know how much they are loved by people beyond the the Happy House itself.
The older ones really value and love their sponsors. The little ones are too young to understand yet but they, of course, love a present and cards and letters are safely stored in their memory boxes for when they are a bit older.
Uncle Billy tells me about this week's exciting post: "We just got presents from several generous sponsors  Carol Baxter for David Karisa, the Soroptimist " aunties from Bury" for Rukia, Jackie Fineman and Hailey Aspinall for Charity's birthday in August; The Open Door Project for Rose; Dawn Grant for Lily (pictured) and also from Lisa, Jonny , Oliver  and Ashley  Rawcliffe for Peninah's first  birthday.
How does Penny (pictured) look in her new swimsuit  ... what about that smile?
Rose got a big card from The Open Door project and Mama got down to reading it with her. Karembo witnessed all the involved i.e David, Rose, Lily and Rukia putting their memoirs into their memory boxes after posing for pictures.
She got hold of the photograph we made of you, Libby, with  her grandma and asked me to take her pic and that she would like to take it to her memory box too.....well then, she had her wish because  she didn't ask for too much!"