Friday, 1 July 2011

Keyboard kids

Learning computer skills is a key that unlocks the door on a whole new world of opportunity for our children.
Our well-equipped computer room in the nursery school is the setting for very popular lessons with pupils from as young as three getting to grips with using a keyboard, manipulating a mouse etc, at the same time as they are learning much more through interactive educational games.
We are on not online, internet connection is very expensive and still not always reliable so the cost would be too great, but our Happy House kids are getting a head start in basic IT.
It is unusual for any school to have computer lessons on the curriculum and unheard of for children as young as ours. It's a source of amazement to visiting education officials and teachers, who may not be computer literate themselves, to see our baby class pupils happily and deftly enjoying a computer class.
Our older children, who have no such facility at their school, don't miss our on this vital part of their education and look forward to their lessons at weekends.
If you have any unwanted, educational, computer games, suitable for children aged 3 to 15, we could find a very good use for them. We have a very limited number and really need to increase our library. If you would like to donate them to our family please email