Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A lasting smile

A chance meeting with Sue and Dave led student Clare Mullins and her friend Arturs Sinelnikovs to discover the Happy House.
Students at St Patrick's College, Carlow, Ireland, they are travelling around Africa and Clare is thrilled they found our Happy House and has made up her mind to help with fundraising and raising awareness when she gets back.
"These children are the most beautiful innocent creatures I have ever met.
" I have honestly never met children so content and willing to learn as these, I wish that some of the kids where I come from were like these. They are bright and accepting, and get on with each other so well.
"Considering the short time these kids have been at the Happy House you would think Sue had spent her life working with kids.
"Sue and Dave are a credit to society.
" These children are so easy going and deserve nothing but the best, when other children all over the world take what they get for granted these children were simply happy to play and laugh outside with the bubbles we brought them!
"They put a smile on my face for the week!"
Clare added: " I have some previous experience with charities and fundraising in Ireland but have been looking for a place in Africa deserving of some help and I can think of no one better than the Happy house kids.
"I have a passion for helping people and after meeting these kids I am looking forward to helping them."