Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The corn is as high ...

Everything in the garden's is coming up lovely.
The corn may not be quite as high as an elephant eye but it's certainly gone beyond eye level on most of our kids.
The recent rains and warm weather have produced good growing conditions for the seeds you sent out from the UK, and Papa Dave would be delighted to receive more as an experiment has proved, what he always suspected,  that they really are much better than anything available in Kenya.
Our gardeners planted two rows of seed, one bought locally and another sent from the UK, and while the local one struggled, the British seed flourished yielding a much bigger crop.
All kinds of seeds are welcome, and not too heavy to post, but he did mention sweet melons, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, okra, courgette, green beans, maize, onions, garlic and peppers. Flower seeds add colour to the grounds too.
Papa Dave and his team of eager gardeners will ensure every seed you send is planted and nurtured with love and care ... the same ingredients we use elsewhere in the Happy House to grow healthy kids.
And the more veg they eat the healthier they will be, and our weekly housekeeping bill will go down too.
People often ask me, very kindly, what items are most needed by our children and Sue tells me, apart from seeds,  it's strong schoolbags and black school shoes for the older boys and girls (11-14). Again the ones bought in Kenya are expensive and fall to bits in no time. Printer cartridges too are much needed in the office, I can send details of make and type ( I also have lots of the children's vitamins donated to us to get to Kenya so if are planning to travel out to visit the Happy House  please contact me beforehand and I'll get some to you.
We are so grateful for everything sent to our family, it means so much to everyone to know how much you love and care for our special family.
If you would like to send a parcel of any of these items the address is:
Sue Hayward's Happy House
P.O. Box 796
East Africa