Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Welcome back Natasha

After going on an extended visit to her mum and grandmum, Natasha Thoya has come bouncing back to Happy House.
Natasha's mum was just a young teenager when she had Natasha and was traumatised by the birth so her baby came into our safe and loving care.
This gave the mum a chance to recover, complete her education and to grow up. 
 She visited Natasha regularly and, with her own mother to help, was in a position to have Natasha on an extended visit, with Happy House supporting her education and medical care,
Natasha settled well and enjoyed going to a local school where she was working hard.
But recently, her mum moved to the island of Lamu in search of work and the grandmum was struggling to look after Natasha.
Mama and Uncle Ronnie agreed it was in Natasha's best interests to bring her home, where her friends were waiting to welcome her with juice and biscuits,  and it's just as though she's never been away.
"The children are so well adjusted they adapt immediately.  She's as happy as she's ever been," said Mama.
"Work is uncertain for many people here and migrating to Lamu does open up new opportunities.
"Natasha's links with her family will be maintained just as always and we will continue to monitor the family situation."