Monday, 24 July 2017

Party Time

There was fantastic fun and games for all our Happy House kids when they had a party to celebrate hard work and good results in their school exams..
Mama promised them a a party if they did well, and was true to her word when they did.
Our kids are showing themselves to be striving to be very best, spurred on by the encouragement and mentoring they receive from Mama who, with headteacher Mr Isaac and  and social worker, Uncle Ronnie,  talks to each one individually on a regular basis about their progress and their goals,.
There was magic, juggling, dancing,singing, poems, acrobatics and lots and lots of laughter, specially when headteacher Mr Isaac took to the dance floor for a solo spot.
As the party was on the last day of Andrea, Ellena and Alex Manders visit to Happy House, Mama thanked them for all they had brought for and to our family, and the children sang to wish them safely on their way.
Andrea  said how much they had enjoyed their stay and commented on the excellent manners of the children.
It was a happy time for all the Happy House family and enjoyed by all.