Monday, 10 July 2017

Mariam back for medical care

After settling happily into an extended stay with her older sister, Mariam, has returned to Happy House for a short stay.
She developed an infection in her leg and with medication and medical care in short supply because of prolonged doctors and nurses strike in Government health facilities, we brought her home for treatment at a private clinic.
The infection is not serious and  with the right treatment she'll soon be back to full health and will return to her sister's to join her younger siblings, Saumu and Suleiman.
The two youngest, Fred and Rose, are remaining in our care.
All the kids are fine and doing well.
Mama Sue said: "The children always come first and getting Mariam the care she needs for her leg is our priority.
"Uncle Ronnie is liaising with the private clinic."

Mama Sue was very touched by the very kind reactions she received to the updates on our Happy House kids sent out to sponsors and for their backing for all she doing..
We have decided to publish just a few of them:
"Thank you so much for the update on our lovely Charity.  It's been such a privilege to sponsor her.  The charity not only changed her life but mine too.  I remember when she first came to Happy House (where have the years gone?) and I still feel as passionate about it as I did then.   You and your amazing team worked wonders, as you do for all the children. "  

"I am so pleased to know that Peninah is happy with her grandmum.
 I always keep her with me in my thoughts,it was my pleasure to be a little part in her life.Thank you all once again for your care and love to all this children and to us too!"

 "We are so glad Baraka and all his brothers and sisters continue to thrive in the safety of Happy House."

"Thank you for the news about Dulla. I'm so pleased everything is going well for him and his family.
I am pleased to be able to contribute in some small way to the wonderful work you do at Happy House and hope to be able to visit in the near future."

"Thank you for keeping us up-to-date with news of Pendo.
We are pleased to know she is safe, well and happy.
Please give her our love and kisses and tell her we think
of her often. Love to everyone in the Happy House."

"What great news. I am very pleased for Lesley and Ludwin that they are back living with their mum.
 My best wishes and congratulations to Mama Sue."

"Thank you so much for the update on Erick.  He looks like such a sweet boy and his exam results are so good!  How wonderful that he is safe and well and with his brothers if not his mother.  I hope she is able to build a safe and stable life for herself and the boys.
 I really enjoy all the updates on Facebook and I can’t wait to come visit one day hopefully soon! "

"Thank you so  much for the update on Ludwin. I am really happy that she has regular contact with her mum now and is receiving the education that will hopefully make a difference to her in the future."