Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Happy House dream come true for Andrea

Everything she has seen, read and heard about, became a reality for Andrea Manders when she walked through the gates of our Happy House.
Andrea started helping in 2009
And there was an all-singing and all-dancing welcome awaiting her and her children Ellena and Alex.
Andrea's three sponsor children Natasha Thoya, Priscilla and scholarship student Ann Joseph were waiting to to say hello along with  all our family ready and eager to put on a show - just for them! 
 Andrea, from Poulton, Lancashire, has been supporting Happy House since it was just a dream in the making for Mama Sue - and one that supporters like, Andrea, helped to turn into a reality.
Not only has Andrea sponsored, she's also held and helped with fundraising events - her latest, held earlier this month, raised more than £1000.
Mama and Papa always want to make sure that our friends who visit have a wonderful experience which gives them memories to treasure long after they've left.
Andrea said: "Ellena, Alex and I arrived at the Happy House School to be greeted by Natasha , who is seven, Priscilla, who is 10,  and  16 year old Ann  – it was hugs all around and a few tears (me not the girls). 
All the school were assembled in the banda.
I took the hands of Natasha and Priscilla and walked to the front. 
Mama Sue greeted the children “Happy House Power”. 
Then we watched a show given by the children of all ages  which included singing, dancing and acrobatics. It was thoroughly entertaining.
 Afterwards, the children went to their lessons and we had a tour around the school.

 For over 7 years, I have seen photos of the land and then the buildings, and the children, of course,  but to actually be here in person, at last,  was quite overwhelming. " 
And for Natasha, who Andrea started sponsoring when she arrived at Happy House as a baby, it was a chance to meet the friend who has helped and encouraged her all her life.
Andrea was able to give Natasha the album she started putting together for her when she was just a baby and in which she an see the story of her own little life.
She is also a wonderful friend to Priscilla and Ann and took along gifts for them too, plus many things for our family.