Wednesday, 5 July 2017

School Report: Classy achievements

Class 4- best in upper primary
There was joy and celebration when pupils returned to school after their mid-term break. It was a happy day at Happy House as the kids celebrated their big academic improvement shown in results of recent exams,  as compared to the results of the start of term "wake-up" exams.
It was a great day as Mama, Papa and Uncle Ronald were in school to mark the academic prowess of Happy House pupils.
Their presence was highly appreciated.  Mama plays a very important part in our academics by engaging the learners in one on one talks on a regular basis keeping them focused and motivated.
Uncle Ronald is in school for a time every day to be on hand for the children.
The class awards were announced:
Class 3 - best and most improved in lower primary
Class 4 maintained their position as top class, ranked position one overall in the primary section. It was their day as they were awarded a trophy for being the best class as all the pupils in class four showed a positive improvement.
Class 3 were the academic giants of the lower primary section as they were crowned the best class and the most improved class overall in the lower primary section.Their class could not hide their joy by emerging winners twice!
The top three classes in the upper primary section were :
Class 4 in first place; Class 8 second and third place went to Class 7.
We constantly strive to be the best and to give pupils a real belief in themselves and their school.
"Mama always puts it clearly  saying; " You can do it if you want to do it” .
And results show how much our students want to achieve .
As a school we believe  we are the best and ours is the best learning hub in the zone.