Sunday, 30 July 2017

Thank you for helping our family, by Sifa

Today's blog is from Sifa, who has been a part of our family since the Happy House opened . The shy, unhappy little boy he was then has long gone and he is now a happy, confident and capable young man.
He writes:
Am Sifa and I was among the first kids to join the Happy House family in 2010..
At that time I was ten years old and I thank all the sponsors for their support towards supporting the Happy House family.
In the Happy House we do different kind of things that will enable us learn more and gain more skills. Every Sunday we have group called the young farmers that go to the garden to help in different sorts of work. We dig and also plant some crops like kale inside the greenhouse.
We also have got a group that lend a hand in the kitchen to cook different types of food.
Besides that we also do some activities while at school.
We have the Primary section and the High School section. I am in form 1 in high school.
There are a lot of games that we do play. These are football, netball, volleyball etc..
My brother, John, sister Karembo and I are now back living with our grandmother. The skills we have learnt in Happy House mean we can be a help to her planting crops and looking after them.
We come into school very day and are still Happy House kids,
We thank all the sponsors for their support and encouragement in helping us kids and all the Happy House Family.

We need your support NOW

 We desperately need people to sponsor a child, from abject poverty, who is only in school because they have a free place at Happy House School on our Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme.
Each of the students pictured here with Mama Sue needs a sponsor. 
Of our 93 scholarship students, we have 55 without sponsors.
 Not just to help support their education financially but also to become a friend who will, through emails, letters and postcards, open another window on their world and to encourage them in their studies.
It costs just £20 a month to sponsor a scholarship student and to light up a life.
£20 provides all a youngster needs - schooling, uniform, books, PE kit plus nourishing breakfast, lunch and snacks.
 Please tell your friends about us, encourage them to sponsor; hold a fundraising event or make a one-off donation.
Together we ARE changing lives and together we will change many more
For details of how to set up a sponsorship please email: