Saturday, 29 July 2017

Making a difference to Mauran

Grandma watches exercises
Every volunteer who helps at Happy House brings something new to our family.
They come from diverse walks of life, different countries cultures and from many different professions..
Andrea Manders who has recently visited with her teenage children, Alex and Ellena, is an occupational therapist working the Lancashire.
She was pleased to be able to put her professional skills into use to help make adifference to one little boy, with special needs, who attends our school.
Mauran comes from a caring family who brought him to Happy House as a fee-paying pupil because they want him to have an inclusive education.
Andrea says:
I noticed a small boy sitting in a wheelchair.  As an occupational therapist  I could see that his posture could be improved. 
I was told that his name is Mauran, he is 5 years old and he has spina bifida.
Spina bifida is when a baby's spine and spinal cord don't develop properly in the womb, which can lead to problems such as weakness or total paralysis of the legs.
His grandma was asked to come into school, which she did.  
I carried out an assessment and therapy session.  
His upper body strength was just like any other 5 year old boys, he has a full range of movement in his hips and knees but was unable to move his legs himself. 
I showed his Grandma and his teacher exercises  which will be incorporated into his home and school life to help improve his core strength and posture. 
I advised a back cushion for the wheelchair and to raise the footplates. 
Correct lifting techniques were demonstrated and explained to Grandma and teachers who practiced these.  
I was also able to explain the  importance of skin care, especially on his legs was discussed.
In the sandpit
Three days later I saw Mauran again – he had a new cushion behind his back, he was sitting upright in the wheelchair and his feet rested on the raised footplates.
His posture was much improved and the skin on his legs had been moisturised.
Mauran takes part in learning activities along with his classmates both in the classroom and outdoors – he loves being in the sandpit!
I am pleased that I could use my occupational therapy skills to help improve his daily life and give Mauran the best chance of a better future.