Sunday, 9 July 2017

My best teacher, by Husna

Today's blogger is Happy House kid Husna, aged 11.
" Hello everyone, my name is Husna. I am in class three.
My best teacher is called Md. Naomi. She is as beautiful as a rainbowI love her the way I love myself because she is very kind. She teaches us the way she was taught when she was young.
She teaches us Kiswahili and CRE very well. 
She loves us with all her heart and she takes care of everybody. 
Many people love her because of her respect and kindness and she does what must be done. Because of how she teaches us we do well.
Everybody says  they would want to be like her. God loves her. Her parents also love her as they were loved when they were young.
If you are not performing well and you are taught by her you will perform better until everyone will say that your teacher is very bright and they will start asking her what she did for the pupils to make them perform well.
She would say that she is teaching us all in the same way.
Teacher Naomi tells us stories that help us in being good children. She follows rules and what the Bible says too. She listens to what her boss tells her.
If someone does wrong, she corrects and forgives him or her.

She is a very helpful teacher."