Friday, 7 July 2017

Inspiring a new generation

Happy House was delighted to be invited to take its message to every student going up into Year 8 at St Aidan's CE High School, Preesall, Lancashire.
Over the course of five hour-long sessions yesterday, our UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm reached dozens of young people in the hope they would learn something about the plight of many needy children, of how the Happy House is able to help some, and to inspire them do something to make a difference - just like our founder, Mama Sue.
After showing a video of Happy House, she told them the story of one of our children and asked them to imagine they were walking in that child's shabby shoes on the tragic journey which led to her finding a new home and hope with our wonderful family.
Her story included many of issues, some specific to girls,  facing so many Kenyan children who are orphaned, abandoned or neglected.
Elizabeth also emphasised the value and importance of education, something the British kids are lucky enough to able to take for granted, when there are so many impoverished kids in Kenya, and many other countries, who are denied any schooling because of of their impoverished circumstances.
She explained that every child was desperate to go to school because they knew education was their only road out of poverty.
The students also learnt more about Stephen, the little boy sponsored by Mrs Rossall's K7 class.
St Aidan's helps Happy House in many ways, and while the development day was taking place Mrs Rossall and students were baking biscuits which will be sold in school today to raise money for Happy House.
Elizabeth said:" This was the third year I have been invited into St Aidan's for the Year 8 development day and I was, once again, impressed by the the students who listened intently and really attempted to put themselves in the place of the children we are helping.
"They took an active part and asked some very good questions, they also had some very intelligent answers for the questions posed to them.
'' "I hope they will hold our Happy House in their hearts throughout their lives.
"At the end of the session they were asked to write their reflections on Happy House, and I was very touched by some of those I got to read. one student wrote:
"Happy House is run by Sue Hayward. She is the most caring and loving person by setting up this home and school."
Another wrote:
"I am simply amazed by what Happy House does every day of every week of every year."
Elizabeth said:"Thank you St Aidan's for making us a part of this special day and thanks to the students who took part, to teacher Mrs Rachel Fowler for spending the day with me, and to Mrs Rossall, K7, and the entire school for their continued support."