Friday, 21 July 2017

Helping out at Happy House

Andrea, Ellena and Alex Manders have been busy helping out in our Happy House school.
As exams are taking place this week for the older kids, they have been helping  with the little ones in the kindergarten.
Mama was thrilled with all the gifts they brought, and also with the £1000 raised by Andrea's Happy House At Home fundraising event.
Andrea had asked Mama if the money could be used to do the Happy  House family shopping and she, Ellena and Alex, had the interesting experience of going out on the shop with driver Noah and Papa Dave yesterday.Andrea said
 Many households do a weekly or big shop, the Happy House is no different. Ellena, Alex and I, joined Noah on his weekly trip into Timboni. There are 66 Happy House kids plus 239 school children to feed. Papa Dave ensures he pays a fair price and as such, gets value for money. This supports the local economy too. My aim before I left England, was to raise enough money to cover this weekly shopping – around 450 pounds. With kind and generous donations from family and friends, I raised just over 1000 pound- enough for two weeks.
A small banana is 5 Kenyan shillings, about 3p. Apples come in at 30 Kenyan shillings each, about 18p. Making them a treat!
The items we collected this morning cost 43,000 Kenyan shillings – 323 pounds.Meat, fruit and vegetables and charcoal for cooking is due for delivery later
Our thanks to Andrea and to all her family and friends who supported her fundraising and made her shopping expedition possible.