Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Tables take the biscuit

Form 1 team
 Maths results have improved since Mama introduced a drive on learning multiplication tables throughout our school.
And consistent as always, she is has instilled in the kids that practice makes perfect.
Mama has told them that she will be holding a tables competition when she and Papa get back from the UK, so everyone was eager to get together on Saturday morning to brush up their knowledge with children sitting down at tables from two to16!
Ckass eight team
Uncle Billy said: " There was a mix of excitement and anxiety as everyone was eager to win,
"It was wonderful when Brian Hayward, who just six, emerged winner in the KG section being able to do all his tables up to an including five times.
"In the primary section, Class Eight kids ruled reciting up to 12 times tables, while Form 1 students were overall winners going right up to table 16.
''What a fun morning we had.''