Friday, 29 July 2016

Cornish pasties come to Kenya!

Only the better off have ovens in Kenya, most people cook on an open fire or a single/double hob if they are lucky enough to have access to electricity.
So pastry is not something our cooks Esther and  Phylis know anything about.
This week, Mama Sue showed them how to make shortcrust pastry.
Then, under Mama's guidance they, made a Kenyan version of Cornish pasties with filling made from veggie mince, carrots, oinions and potato.
Phylis and Esther were delighted with their first efforts and declared the pasties "delicious".
Now they will be added to the ever-increasing repertoire of dishes they cook up for our kids.
And they are certain to be a big hit.
Mama said if anyone travelling to Watamu this summer could pop some Bisto powder and Oxo cubes into their luggage for Happy House, they would be very grateful!