Saturday, 2 July 2016

Four little people find a refuge of love

Four children of a mum desperate to escape an abusive husband have found a refuge of love and care in our Happy House family.
Kahonzi, eight,  Randu, six, Pili and baby Beja, two, were brought home to us by social workers from Malindi Children's Office after they had been identified as being in need of care and protection.
Their elder brother, who has special needs and is severely traumatised, has been admitted to Good Life Children's Home, Mombasa.
The children's mum who is suffering from severe depression and unable to protect herself, or her children, from their violent father has been offered a home with relatives where she will be safe and has a chance to get well.
And once she is back on her feet and has a home of her own, she will be be reunited with her children once again.
For now, the children who have no birth certificates or other paperwork, have been welcomed into our family and will start school on Monday,
They will remain in our custody for just as long as they need to.
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