Wednesday, 27 July 2016

School Report: Visit from the top

The week started with everyone arriving on time and looking clean and smart ready for the week ahead, writes teacher Mr Hamisi.
We were happy to welcome officials from the eduication office who were given a tour of the school ny headteacher, Md Milka.
They congratulated Happy House on an impressive performance which put the school in the top four in the district and appreciated the teachers at all levels, from kindergarten to secondary school, on the good work they are doing to help make this possible.
We thanked our guests for coming to visit and for their encouraging words. We will strive to take first place next time round.
Teachers are now taking pupils through revision for the end of erm exams with special emphasis on any weak areas they may have.
The kids are so keen to succeed they are not only working hard in class they are also chasing teachers in break time asking questions on any points they may feel they need clarification.