Thursday, 28 July 2016

Donation towards shopping bill

 Keeping  a family as big as our own is a very expensive undertaking.
There are three nutrtious meals a day for the 80 children living at Happy House plus lunch and breakfast for another 80 children and young people coming into to school on our free place Dr Danwata Scholarship Scheme.
These kids are performing so much better in school because, since launching our breakfast club, they are starting the day with food in their tummies
Add to this  healthy snacks and that tots up to thousands of servings every week.
Then factor in the washing powder, nappies, cleaning materials, shoe polish and other items essential to looking after our home, school and family.
So Mama Sue was delighted when Terry Burns, chairman of Burnley based charity Furniture for Education Worldwide, gave her a donation of £500 from the charity to use towards our household bill.
Thank you Terry and FEW for your donation it is nuch needed and very much appreciated.
Our pictures show some of the items bought.